Record Player Reviews Via Glass Apps

The past couple of days, I have been checking out these record player reviews via my Android phone and tablet. I am no audiophile, but as a music lover, I have been wanting to join the bandwagon of using turntables. I have long been curious about the device, specially due to the buzz that has been surrounding it. And it seems that the buzz could not get any louder — last Christmas, they were the best selling audio item for Amazon, HMV, etc. Also, there was news that vinyl players “won” the recent CES 2016, with Panasonic leading the way by resurrecting the fabled Technics SL-1200.

But besides the return of the king turntable, there’s also the arrival of an army of lesser priced record players. Reviewers may frown upon such cheap options, but for their price bracket, they actually fulfill their intended purpose really well. That said, there will be bad apples (like with any other product type), and it’s up to consumers to identify diamonds in the rough. In this post, we look at a Glass app that help people do exactly that.

Filtering the Noise Through Glass

Crystal Shopper is an app that enables you to search for a product’s best price online. It begins by instructing you to scan a product’s barcode using the Glass camera. From there, Crystal Shopper will identify the item you are eyeing and then show the price range offered at Amazon. The feature is a lot like Amazon’s own Price Check app for tablets and smartphones, so the app isn’t actually that unusual. The difference of course is that you won’t fumble like you do when taking out a tablet or smartphone. And besides the prices, Crystal Shopper also let’s you see or read Amazon ratings and reviews. This is quite useful as it helps you narrow down your record player choices by using the wisdom of the crowd, so to speak. Also, Amazon reviewers are specially marked if they really bought the product, and so you’ll know if they speak from first-hand experience. But like Glass itself, Crystal Shopper is in early development, so it is still a bit buggy and lacking other useful features.

Silent Mode (For Now Only, Hopefully)

The future is foggy...
The future is foggy…

Unfortunately, being able to read turntable or record player reviews on your glasses may still be in the far future. Recently, Glass went dark on social networks — its presence have been wiped out, and Explorers are left with only a support page. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the end for Glass, as most pundits speculate that the reason is re-branding, to go along with its redesign. It is already known that a new iteration is being worked on, and images of the prototype have appeared late last year.